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No Wipe-Outs Here With Our Hard Money!

Surfingken “Thank You So Much!! It Was A Pleasure To Be Able To Get This Loan With You.  This Was The Easiest Loan Process I Have Ever Experienced In My Life!! We Sure Will Keep You On Our List For Our Future Loans. Thank You” – Borrower, S.b.

“Thank you so much!! It was a pleasure to be able to get this loan with you.  This was the easiest loan process I have ever experienced in my life!! We sure will keep you on our list for our future loans. Thank You” – Borrower, S.B.

A past borrower contacted us for another loan. He wanted to buy an investment property in Berkeley, with a purchase price of $885,000. Due to property condition, it did not qualify for conventional financing – thus our Hard Money help.

With his 25% down-payment we were able to get him a Hard Money Jumbo loan for $660,000. Within just 18 days he had his loan financed by one of our Investors and picked up the keys to his new property!

No fears of wiping-out with our financing programs. Call Today 707-523-2099 and we will let you know how we can help

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