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Make The Market Work For You Instead Of Desperately Working For It!

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Getting the message out to Realtors and your clients about the current market good news, such as “You can sell your house for free with a short sale” and “equity sales are up 59%!” will only make you more money.

Like Mike Kelly of Keller Williams Realty stated, “By creating a bigger pie we all get a bigger slice!”. If you really KNOW what’s going on in the Real Estate market then you WILL become a “local economist” and get paid the big bucks…. As you will know how to drum up the best and most business!

Working in the Sonoma County Real Estate and Loans business since 1988, I’ve learned to “work the market” so that I can still be successful when the market changes. LISTEN TO THOSE WHO KNOW; LISTEN TO THOSE WITH THE ROUTINE SALES AND LISTINGS. Facts and Stats tell the tale BUT facts and stats also can lead to new tales of those who put the tips to use!

Proven TIP #1: Be a local expert by putting to use MLS and Market Metrics. Why not gain knowledge to get more in control of the market and make it work for you instead of desperately working for it?!

Review these facts, charts and figures presented by Mike Kelly of Keller Williams at the KNOW YOUR NUMBERS class on Thursday, September 6th. Share the information on your social sites, blogs, websites, emails, in your interviews with your clients. And then put it all to use! To access the power point presentation, visit this link:

Proven TIP #2: Go out and find Sales. Let’s get down to brass tacks; It takes hard work, rolling up one’s sleeves and using those walking shoes to be a successful Real Estate Agent. There are an abundant amount of Buyers and a lack of inventory but there are loads of equity owned homes with potential sellers residing in them. By using MLS and Market Metrics find those with equity in the areas your Buyers are interested in and contact them – by phone, email or in person with a friendly visit!

My long time friend and Realtor has been doing just this the past couple of months and it’s going great! He has many Buyers and [new] listings. No short sales and no foreclosure messes means fast transactions for both parties. And he’s happy with the 4 houses closing escrow and a new listing he found from knocking on doors – last week alone!

Don’t sit around and wait for the market to change. Each of us doing diligent study of the local current market and then making this known and doing “dirty work” to get things going again WILL change the market for the better; Don’t just sit around – make more money for yourself and make more happy home owners!

Best, Lynn

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