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Loan of the Week – Start 2020 Off Right!

Happy New Year Right

Start the Year RIGHT By Getting Loan Approval!

Wouldn’t it be great to start the year off right with “LOAN APPROVED”?  We can make that happen!

For over 3 decades now we continue to offer our trusty alternative finance programs for both real estate purchase and refinances.  Let us help you and/or your client today, by providing FAST loan approval with one of our Hard Money programs. 


Holiday Loan of the Week

A Mortgage Broker called us for help with one of his borrowers, as he was having difficulty with his Underwriters who weren’t approving the needed cash-out. This borrower owned his home free and clear in Contra Costa County, but due to a divorce  the past year, his credit had some issues which weren’t being cleared up quick enough. 

The borrower needed some fast cash to help pay off some urgent bills as well as help close on another real estate business transaction.  He could no longer wait for the current conventional Underwriting, but needed fast help with a $350,000 Hard Money loan at a low 26% loan to value. 

This is where we stepped in and within just a few days, the relieved homeowner and his Mortgage Broker heard the merry phrase “loan approved!”.  And just about 5 days later, the borrower had cash in hand. 

Call us at 707-523-2099 with any questions or scenarios.  We’ll help you and/or your client start the year off great by getting that awaited “loan approved”!

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