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Loan of the Week – Popular And Fast

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Loan of the Week

A past borrower called looking for a loan of $630,400 so he could purchase a rental unit in Sebastopol, a town in western Sonoma County.  He was looking to supplement his income and add to his retirement portfolio.

He had a good down payment but since he was self-employed, he was having a problem proving enough income for conventional financing.  This is where our alternative financing, also known as Hard Money, became the answer for his investment needs.

Because this client had already proven himself to be a trusted and responsible borrower, it was not difficult to get his loan completed in less than two weeks!

If you need a fast close on a real estate deal, or have difficulty proving your income, we have the answer.  Our programs make it easy to wrap up real estate transactions quickly and smoothly. Give us a call at 707-523-2099 with your questions.


*APR for this rate based on a $200,000 first mortgage is 6.31%.

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