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Let’s Garden! Spring Has Arrived!

Let’s Garden Spring Has Arrived

After one of the worst winters in a decade, Californians are looking forward to a warmer, drier Spring.   Warmer weather tends to bring out the farmer or gardener in many of us…but where to begin? I for one love to garden and each week you can find me doing something to make my garden more full, better, more prolific.

There are many available sources outlining the best approach to initiate Spring planting efforts. One of the most well-respected informational resources is Sunset Magazine.  Before you dig into that first shovelful of soil, consulting theirs or another local trusted website, might be beneficial.  

It takes the Spring warmth and longer days to bring out the best in flowers.  In the North Bay, the peak blooming moment is sometime in May, but April is the month to get your garden ready to shine.  The gentle rain of Spring collects nitrogen from the atmosphere, and the warmth of the soil transforms it into bacteria that the plants use to thrive.  Unlike Winter, foliage takes a step back in the garden’s design, and instead, flowers reign supreme.

There are several maintenance tasks that should not be overlooked while you prep for new blooms.  You should tend to your azalea and camellia plants, even though they are finished blooming.  Pinch back the branch tips to keep them dense and promote more flowers next year. After the last blossom drops, you will want to feed them with a specifically formulated food through October.  Another advisable maintenance task is pruning lavender plants by cutting off 1/3 of the new growth to keep the plant from getting too woody.

April is a great month to plant just about anything…shade trees, shrubs, vines, annuals, perennials, groundcover and lawn.  There is just one warning to keep in mind: watch out for aphids, because they love new growth! You can find many organic products on the market to help control these hungry pests.

A little planning and preparation in April can bring great rewards in May and beyond for your inspirational garden!

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