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Landscaping 101: Blunders and Remedies

Landscaping 101 Blunders And Remedies

Landscaping can be an expensive item on one’s household budget.  Making mistakes can be costly and disappointing. Here is a list of some factors to consider that can assist getting a greater yield on your investment:

  • Improper Plant Placement:  Sunlight and exposure are extremely important to the health of any plant.  You need to be aware of how big the plant will get. Check the tag on your plant or ask advice from your neighborhood nursery. 
  • Trees:  One of the quickest ways to kill a tree is to plant it too far into the ground. This is the surest way to encourage root rot. The hole should be the size of the root ball.
  • Plant Like a Painting:  Place your containers where you want them, and then go inside and look through your window to see what they’ll look like before you plant.  It should look like a painting framed by your window.
  • Curb Appeal:  Instead of putting your energy and money into the backyard, which many homeowners do, improving the front of the house where first impressions are made could be a better use of your funds.  Three simple improvements go a long way: paint the front door, keep the grass trimmed, and plant colorful flowers.
  • Make a Plan:  Buying plants without a plan can be tempting, but very expensive.  Before setting out to the nursery, decide on a color palette that you would like.  Consider the color of your house and then choose one color that really frames it.  


Landscaping can be 30% more expensive than any other type of home improvement project.  There is always a lot of sticker shock at the nursery. We tend to think, “It’s just a couple of plants.”  When we are faced with the total bill for the wagon load of beauties we have chosen, we realize we just blew the entire budget!   Avoid unnecessary do-overs or “buyer’s remorse” by doing your research before you go to the garden center. 

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