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Investors, When Can We Expect the Next Recession?

Recession2018 Economist And Analysts Have Studied The Trends In Our Economic Growth Over The Past Decade And Beyond, And They Have Concluded That A Recession Is Coming In The Next Couple Of Years, 2020 Per Them.

Economist and analysts have studied the trends in our economic growth over the past decade and beyond, and they have concluded that a recession is coming in the next couple of years, 2020 per them.

But, as real estate investors, you have no need to panic!  A recession does not mean a housing crisis. A recession means the economy has slowed down markedly, but until the last recession, home values appreciated during an economic downturn.  

The causes for the real estate crash have been remedied for the most part, and we can presume, from historical data, that a recession will not have a negative impact on the housing market this time around.

What does that mean for you, the real estate investor?  You can sleep well knowing that your hard-earned money is as safe as possible and earning high returns, in this topsy-turvy world of today’s economy.

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