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Investment Property/Non-Owner-Occupied Loans

Investment Property Non Owner Occupied Loans

Looking for ways to protect their financial security, many homeowners are investing their money in second homes, or are refinancing existing loans on rental property to upgrade them.   Whether they are looking for another source of income, or they need to improve their existing rental property, they recognize that real estate has proven to be a profitable and long-term financial shelter.  

But what if you do not qualify for a conventional loan from a bank or other lending institution?  All is not lost…that is where a Hard Money Home Loan can provide the answer.

What do you need for a hard money loan from Sun Pacific Mortgage?  There are two main qualifications for a rental property loan:

  1. Equity or a decent down payment
  2. An ability to repay the loan

What are some other characteristics of an investment property loan with us?

  1. California real estate only
  2. We go up to $2 million+ loan size
  3. FICO score is not a factor
  4. Up to 70% LTV (loan-to-value)
  5. Fast funding

In the 30 years we have been in business, we have financed multitudes of investment property loans for a variety of issues:  Needed fast funding, discharged bankruptcies, more than one foreclosure, and less than pristine property. We make it our business to offer a second chance to earnest and honest borrowers.  

Start on your journey to financial independence by investigating the possibility of a hard money loan on rental property with Sun Pacific Mortgage.  We welcome all questions and scenarios to help inform you of “The Possible”.

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