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Housing Market Update For San Francisco

1 1 The Convergence Of Several Factors Has Brought The Real Estate Market In San Francisco To New Heights And New Lows.  The Second Quarter Of 2017 Saw Unprecedented Buyer Activity, But A Drop In Inventory.  The Results Were The Lowest Supply Of Homes In Two Years, But The Shortest Days On The Market – Good News For Both Sellers And Buyers.

The convergence of several factors has brought the real estate market in San Francisco to new heights and new lows.  The second quarter of 2017 saw unprecedented buyer activity, but a drop in inventory.  The results were the lowest supply of homes in two years, but the shortest days on the market – good news for both Sellers and Buyers.

According to a blogger for Pacific Union, we can look for a resurgence of business this Fall after a slow down during the third quarter.  Some potential home buyers, who have been undecided, may be motivated to make a move because of the prediction of higher interest rates in the coming months.

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