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Hometown Superheroes Bulletin #2


NOTE:  Please share with us any heroes you have personally observed, been thankful for or have been inspired by.  We will then share it with everyone.

Super Hero Alert:

● David Reyes, his son Luis Reyes (property owners and customers of ours from Hayward, CA) just personally bought and delivered 40 whole chicken dinners, 12 pizzas to the SR Veterans building for those that need it!!!!  Super Heroes!!!!

● Yesterday we started making an effort to Do the Usual.  Get the loans done!  Lo and behold the County Recorder opened their doors and started recording transactions yesterday! We were able to record a local transaction that HAD to be done by Friday.  We all came in early this morning and just received a delivery of a closing check. Pays to be early!  We expect several others by Friday!!!!  We’re feeling a little more normal.

● Tracy Escher at First American Title in Sebastopol is the only one manning that office!  She’s working her tush off – she’s a machine!  And getting it done!!  Thank You Tracy!!

● Adel’s Restaurant on the corner of Mendocino Ave and College:  Broker drove around for 40 minutes looking for a breakfast place.  He happened by Adel’s which was open at 6:15am!  A welcome sight.  They weren’t open the day before,  but gathered their group,  and are now open at 6:00 am and closing LATE.  They have 2 cooks and 3 waiters and 1 clean-up person.

● A clerk at Target, as we were checking out some clothes for the grandkids, listened to our granddaughter tell her story of losing her house and immediately asked another clerk helping to “go and get 2 pumpkins”.  They gave the kids 2 large pumpkins so they had something for Halloween.  It was sooooo lovely and cute.  There were a lot of workers at Target the day the fires struck Santa Rosa!!  So surprising.  Starbucks at Target was also buzzing with business.

● Looks like a lot of the big stores are allowing RVs to park and stay.  Very nice!

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