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Homebuyers’ Rescue!

Guy In The White Hat

Comes To

Homebuyers’ Rescue!

     Ever since we opened our doors in Sonoma County in 1988, we’ve given extra care to round up people who have been “Turned Down Elsewhere?” – because of credit, income, the property or a combinations of these. 

     We are the local Hard Money Lender who can help rescue your deal…and get your Buyer into

                                  That Home!

     Here are some Hard Money Buyers we have recently rescued…

      Flipper – Short Sale Purchase – 80% Loan to Value (LTV) in Santa Rosa.  Loan amount $315,000 on a fixer upper.  12% interest only for 12 months.

      First Time Home Buyer Purchase – FUNDED IN JUST 10 DAYS!  A conventional lender denied this loan.  A real estate agent sent it to Sun Pacific.  50% LTV.  Loan amount $90,000 at 12% interest only for 60 months.  Monthly payment of $900. 

     First-time Homebuyer Purchase – 80% LTV in Santa Rosa, CA.  Loan amount $189,600 for 61 months interest only at 10.5%.  Monthly payment of $1,659.  *DREAM HOME with Million Dollar Views! 

     Home Purchase.  Purchase Price $550,000 in Sebastopol, CA.  Self-employed Buyer.  $325,000 loan amount to buy his DREAM HOME! 

    Loan approval based on just 2 criteria:

1. Good Down Payment

2. Ability to Repay

  • FAST private money purchase financing Sonoma County and contiguous Counties
  • FICO is not a factor
  • Up to 80% loan-to-value – Case by case basis
  • Loan amounts to $400,000
  • Investor and Owner Occupied financing
  • Can get you good lower rates – Case by case basis
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“The Guy In The White Hat – Your Hard Money Lender”. Broker and Co-Owner of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, family owned and operated in Sonoma County California since 1988.

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