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Here To Help Make Your 2017 Great!

Ny We Want To Help Make Your 2017 Even Better By Providing You With Great Alternative Financing For Your Real Estate Needs. See Our Latest Loans Completed - Below.

We want to help make your 2017 even better by providing you with great alternative financing for your real estate needs. See our latest loans completed – below.

Our loan approval is based on just two things:

  1. Good down payment or equity in the property.
  2. Ability to repay.

We have loaned up to 75% of the value of the property and we finance Jumbo Loans commonly. Call us today at (707) 523-2099 or drop us an email with any questions or scenarios.

We stand ready to help kick off your new year!


Recently Funded:

Ontario, California (San Bernardino County)
Loan Program: Non Owner Purchase
Loan Amount:$337,500
Days To Fund: 23 days
Loan To Value: 69%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: Bankruptcy


Malibu, California (Los Angeles County)
Loan Program: Owner Occupied Purchase Bridge
Loan Amount:$890,000
Days To Fund: 7 days
Loan To Value: 65%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: Property condition was poor.


Carlsbad, California (San Diego County)
Loan Program: Owner Occupied Refinance
Loan Amount:$365,000
Days To Fund: 9 days
Loan To Value: 34%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: FICO score not good enough.


Thousand Oaks, California (Ventura County)
Loan Program: Commercial Refinance
Loan Amount:$340,000
Days To Fund: 13 days
Loan To Value: 72%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: Had a foreclosure on record.


Carpenteria, California (Santa Barbara County)
Loan Program: Owner Occupied Temporary
Loan Amount:$235,000
Days To Fund: 18 days
Loan To Value: 70%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: Needed a fast, short term loan.

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