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Hard Money – More Of The Short Story

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WHAT IS HARD MONEY…. Hard money loans are funded by private individuals. It is not money from a bank. The loans are used to handle a problem in the profile of the Borrower. They are usually short term (1 to 5 years) and can be funded quickly.  We have over 500 individual Investors who invest through us.

There are just 2 main qualifications:

  1. Equity or decent down payment;
  2. Ability to repay the loan.


Here are our 4 most popular hard money loan programs – Purchases and Refinances:

  1. Non-Owner Occupied/Investment property
  2. Owner Occupied/Primary residence (short-term and long-term)
  3. Commercial
  4. Land


Why Hard Money – BRIDGE LOAN….   A borrower referred to us by a Mortgage Broker needed fast financing to buy a new family home.  He had a rental with good equity that he could use to borrower a large down payment. We did an $878,000 cash-out Hard Money loan on the rental and he quickly closed on the new family home.  He plans on refinancing to a Bank loan within 6 months. That family is very happy!

Lead Loan Originator at family owned and operated Hard Money company, Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate "California North Bay Hard Money Loans Specialist!"

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