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Hard Money Loans Rescue Home Buyers & Home Owners


Hard Money Loans Rescue

Home Buyers & Home Owners

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Hello again!


I always like to push the idea of home ownership.  It is still the best financial investment you can make at any time in

your life, so don’t give up if you are trying to buy!


In recent Trulia and Keeping Current Matters articles, the subject of Renting versus Buying was brought up; These articles pretty well covered why homeownership remains more economical than renting, throughout the United States. Nationwide, owning is 38% cheaper than renting! 


With a Hard Money loan from us, a family was rescued on their home purchase which they were about to lose out on:


The Purchase price of the new home was $234,000. They put down 30% of the purchase price ($70,200) and got a hard money loan of 70% LTV ($163,800).  While working to refinance, the Buyers paid 10.5% interest rate for six months ($1,719 monthly) and finally were able to qualify for a conventional loan.  They now pay $1,300 with taxes & insurance included. Their old apartment rent was $1,200 – just $100 less but now they live in their own home!


When your Lender, Broker or Realtor tell you “it is the time to buy”, they speak the truth. 



P.S. – We love referrals! 


(Great Hard Money rates as low as 8.5%*!)

NOTE: Get a loan despite poor credit, self employed-difficult to prove income, need fast financing, property a fixer, etc!  And, we finance Bridge loans, Owner Occupied purchases and refinances, non-owner purchases single and multiple units, commercial and some land. 

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Approval is based on just 2 criteria:

 1. Good Down Payment or Decent Equity    

2. Ability to Repay

• FAST private money purchase financing throughout California.

• Owner Occupied, Investor financing, Commercial and some Land financing.

• FICO is not a factor.

• Up to 80% loan-to-value, case by case basis.

• Loan amounts starting at $100,000.

• Lower rates with Good Compensating Factors, case by case basis.

• Fast refinancing. 

SPECIAL NOTE: We can do a loan for someone fresh out of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or short sale!

CALL FOREST, The Guy In The White Hat at

(707) 523-2099

Or email him at forest@sunpacmortgage.com

See our website at: www.sunpacmortgage.com

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