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My last blog was the Federal and California report and forecast.

I live and operate in Sonoma County so that is the first region I’ll explore.  I would guess that about 33% of the loans I write are in Sonoma County.  That’s a disproportionate amount considering I lend in the top half of the state, from Salinas to the Oregon border and east to Nevada.

Lots of good news to report for Sonoma County. There was an Economic Development Board report in April 2014 that demonstrated Sonoma County business activity beats the U.S. average as a whole in expenditures for growth and customer demand. The trend is upward for commercial-sector confidence.

Another report from March 18, 2014 stated that Sonoma County’s economy is poised to further recover through 2015, bolstered by national growth that will spur gains in tourism and the wine industry, while additional support comes from, among other things, a stronger housing market.

In the Sonoma County real estate market, as in a lot of the counties in the Bay area,  prices are being driven up sharply by the lack of inventory.  This is good news if you are already into a home, but could make it difficult if you are looking to buy, either as your first purchase or trading up.  You should keep in mind that using Hard Money in this market may make your offer more attractive to a Seller – and their agent, as in many instances it is deemed the same as cash.

So that’s the report on Sonoma County.   And if you are trying to buy, persist.  Home ownership is still the best financial investment you can make at any time in your life.




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Loan approval is based on just 2 criteria:

1. Good Down Payment or Decent Equity

2. Ability to Repay


• Owner Occupied, Investor financing, Commercial and some Land Financing

• FAST private money purchase financing Sonoma County & Northern California.
• FICO is not a factor.
• Up to 80% loan to value, Case by case basis.
• Loan amounts from $75k – $1mil+
• Lower rates with Good Compensating Factors, Case by case basis.
• Fast refinancing.

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*APR based on loan amount of $130,000 is 9.469%.

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