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Go Full Speed – Loan of the Week!

Bucking Horse Promo Update Copy Need Financing For A Home Purchase? How About A Quick Refinance Or To Pull Equity Out Of Your Current Home?  Get Full Speed Ahead With Your Real Estate Plans, Using Our Direct Private Lending Programs!Need financing for a home purchase? How about a quick refinance or to pull equity out of your current home?  Get full speed ahead with your real estate plans, using our direct Private Lending Programs!

Loan of the Week

Program: Investment Property Jumbo Refinance
Loan Size: $1.1 million
Days To Fund: 11 days
Location: Contra Costa County
Reason Came To Us: Broker came to us with a Borrower who wasn’t qualifying for their program due to debt-to-income ratio being too high.  They were looking for some fast refinancing of a Jumbo loan.  We had no problem with this and quickly gathered the needed items, got fast loan approval and the transaction completed within 11 days!

Send us your scenario now or give us a call at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com.  Let us help you or someone you know go full speed ahead, with a fast Private Money loan.

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