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Getting Back To Work To Support Our Community

Getting Back To Work

Pushing ourselves and others back to work to provide needed services to our community is valuable – and very appreciated we have discovered!   

Things may seem bleak with the Kincade fire, many evacuations and power outages but it’s up to us to create some good.   With a team effort we can strengthen our community. Immense thanks to all First Responders…and many thanks to those who are back in business to service our community despite it all:

To Local Business Heroes – Thank You!

 Golden State Overnight mail delivery services is up and running with an early morning delivery from a happy worker!

 Local company Signs Par Excellence business owner, Michael Flanagan said “I opened this morning because my employees want to work and I know there are customers who are expecting us to deliver.”

 Some places may feel like it’s a ghost town but there are restaurants open for business!  Mary’s Pizza Shack in downtown Santa Rosa was super busy at lunch. Port of Sub on West College was also open and busy serving happy customers. There are places open so get on out and enjoy yummy, hot lunches and dinners!

 Today most of Mendocino Ave businesses & stores are closed.  But not us at Sun Pacific Mortgage!  We’re working to complete loan transactions by end of month for all the Borrowers & Buyers who still hope to close on a new home or loan!

If we can be of service with our fast Hard Money loan programs, just call us at 707-523-2099.  We’re here to help.

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