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Get California Hard Money Loans From This Posse

Below are recently funded loans through my office. I have been extremely busy with the many loans coming into our office, but don’t think this will put your loan on a back burner.  Oh no, we give fast and friendly service to every single person!

Please take a look at these loans, to see if you have similar scenarios that I could possibly be of service to you.  If you or someone you know has been turned down elsewhere for a real estate loan, don’t hesitate to contact me if there is any equity involved or some cash for the down payment.

No matter where you are in Northern California, when you think of Hard Money – big or small loans – think of The Guy in The White Hat at Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate to fund that loan!




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Owner Occupied Purchase Loan: Lincoln, CA – $130,000 for 85 months @ 8.0% interest only.  Purchase Price is $280,000.  Loan to value is 46.4%.  Home is a 2 bed/2 bath at 3,086 sq. ft. built in 1938 on almost 1/3 acre lot.  This home sold for $630,000 on 8/2/2006!


Investment Property Loan: Earle Street, Santa Rosa –$140,250 for 85 months @ 11.5% interest only.  Purchase Price is $187,000.  Loan to value is 75%.   The home is a 3 bed/1 bath at 1,037 sq. ft. on a 4,356 sq. ft. lot.  Buyer has 15 years in the same line of work and she can easily afford the home.


Commercial Loan: Foothill Blvd, Calistoga –$400,000 at 12% interest only for 60 months.  Appraised value as of 12/10/2012 is $930,000.  Loan to value is 43%. Borrower has owned the property since 1991 and her parents owned it before that.  2 of the 3 units on the property are rented for a total of $8,000 monthly.  She is currently under negotiations for a tenant for the 3rd unit.  The longest term tenant is an auto repair shop.


Owner Occupied Purchase Loan: Crockett, CA – $128,175 for 85 months @ 12.0% interest only.  Purchase Price is $170,900.  Property is 2 bed/1 bath at 1,309 sq. ft. The lot is 5,670 sq. ft.  The Buyers have FICO scores in the 680+ range, very little debt, the husband has been on the same job for over 7 years and has great verifiable income.



Our loan approval is based on just 2 criteria:

1. Good Down Payment

2. Ability to Repay

  • Owner Occupied and Investor financing
  • FAST private money purchase financing Sonoma County and contiguous Counties
  • FICO is not a factor
  • Up to 75% loan-to-value – Case by case basis
  • Lower rates with Good Compensating Factors– Case by case basis
  • Loan amounts from $40,000 – $2 million
  • Fast refinancing.






CALL FOREST – The Guy in the White Hat – at (707) 523-2099;

Or email him through the website at: www.sunpacmortgage.com


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