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Furniture Arrangement Matters

Furniture Arrangement Matters

It is important to consider the use of the space when designing furniture placement in a home. Be it staging a house to sell quicker or catch a higher purchase price; How about setting up one’s home for better comfort and entertainment. 

Furniture makes the room, but the placement of the furniture matters just as much as the individual pieces.  Placement sets the mood of the room and signals the overall tone. To state the obvious, too many pieces of furniture in a room can cause the layout to feel cramped.  For instance, if when entering a room, you immediately walk into the back of a chair or sofa, the space will feel closed off and uninviting. Each piece of furniture should have its own space to breathe.

Pathways within a room should feel natural and provide the best flow within the room as well as between rooms.  Space between the sofa and coffee table, as well as the sofa and an accent table, should allow room to walk around. This placement will make the room feel much lighter.

Strategic placement of seating in the TV room is paramount for optimal viewing. With that in mind, place your couch parallel to the TV and angle the side chairs on each end with a table available for drinks and food.  

Balancing the weight in the room is an easy way to create visual flow.  Too many chunky pieces (e.g. sofas) need a more delicate coffee table to help the room from becoming too heavy.  Pops of color and similar shapes are other ways to tie together the look of a room.

In the bedroom it is best to focus on maximizing comfort and functionality.  For instance, it should be easy to get in and out of the bed, even in the middle of the night, without stubbing your toe on the dresser.  Additionally, there must be enough space to fully open dresser drawers.  

The dining room should have enough space to circulate around the table comfortable for food and plate delivery.  And there should be enough space to get in and out of chairs comfortably.

Measuring your space before purchasing a new piece of furniture is advisable in order to save yourself heartache and money.  Otherwise, that sofa you fell in love with, in the store may become a decision you regret for a long time!


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