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Ever Thought About Becoming A Private Investor And Investing In Real Estate Trust Deeds?

Hard Money, also known as Private Money, plays an increasingly significant part of today’s real estate financing.   Just within the past couple of weeks, our company funded a jumbo loan of $803,000 on an owner occupied purchase in Berkley; A $593,000 for an investment property purchase by San Diego and another jumbo size loan of $850,000 for a refinance of some rental units by San Francisco.
For those with tarnished credit, self employed and difficult to prove income or if the property needs fixing so won’t qualify for conventional financing – Hard Money is the only option, and, it could be the strongest option at times for making the better offer, getting that one property you have set your sights on, etc.

This KCM infographic provides another reason real estate selling, buying and investing is beneficial to more than just one person or family:  Economic Impact of Every Home Sold


CaptureIf in need of a hard money loan or if you are interested in investing in trust deed offerings for California real estate, send me a message or call my office 707-523-2099 and see how we can help.  We have been in business since 1988 and are always looking for more investors for our hard money lending business.


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