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Don’t Get Caught Up in the Drama du Jour – Real Estate Stability

Real Estate Stability

Lately, we have seen the financial media spouting fear, uncertainty, drama, and doubt.  Wall Street sends us on a roller coaster ride every day, while the Everyman continues to go to work, get the same paycheck, pay the bills and largely tries to ignore all the drama.  This explains why investing in Main Street has proven to be so attractive. 

While stock prices are on a dizzying ride, the real estate market offers some modicum of stability.  Real estate’s resilience isn’t invincible, just consider the pain of the 2008 market, but investors in real estate can usually react in time to avoid disaster.  These investors continue to collect their passive income and acquire equity, untouched by all the drama on Wall Street.

Watching macro-trends is still vitally important to any investor.  These provide clues about long-term patterns and warn of systemic breakdowns.  Staying abreast of market fluctuations makes for a successful investor.

The Wall Street roller-coaster ride may be exciting for the young and daring, but most folks want stability, ease, and the ability to keep ahead of real-world inflation.  This is the main reason income-producing real estate is so attractive right now. 

Renters, coming to the realization that they are paying someone else’s mortgage, not their own, are entering the home buying market in increasing numbers.  With prices stabilizing and inventory inching up, home buyers are beginning to look once again at becoming homeowners. In addition, some existing homeowners are taking the appreciation gained over the past several years and investing in a rental unit.  It behooves Realtors and Lenders to relay this to their potential clients. 

Don’t want to deal with the messy issues involved in being a landlord?  Perhaps, you might want to consider becoming a private investor in hard money loans.  In this scenario you achieve passive income on your investment but avoid the “landlord blues”.  Your money is much safer with real property and, if borrowers are vetted well, you can rest easy that your hard-earned money is safely preserved and producing more than the normal return interest for you.

Sun Pacific Mortgage is a family owned and operated hard money lending business.  We have been in business for 31 years and enjoy a sterling reputation with our investors and our borrowers.  

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