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Do You Prefer Experience Over Caring Service?

Honest and caring Brokers and Agents are important for any Buyer and Seller – for real estate and financial services.

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The below noted KCM article reminded me of a first time Home Buyer I worked with, who was from out of town, and they told me that they had decided to go with our company because we were local and seemed personal.

What You Don’t Need To Hear From Your Listing Agent

By The KCM Crew February 9th, 2016


I of course thanked them for the compliment and mentioned that we were definitely experienced enough to help as we had just celebrated our 28th anniversary in business.  This particular home buyer was quite frank and said, “Well that’s nice, but to me I honestly picked your company foremost because of how it seems to care for it’s customers, based on all the testimonials I read. The experience is secondary, though also appreciated.”

I must admit that our customer service, being honest and just straight with each Home Buyer, Seller, Investor or other Agent has always been an important part of our family business.  However, it was more a “given” than it was a policy.  I realized after this particular client’s remarks that “caring” should not just be a “given” but a requirement for everyone, including the other affiliates, Brokers, Lenders and Agents we work with, in delivering service to all customers.

To some this might be normal but to many others, I’ve got to say that caring is not the top priority.  Well…it’s time to put the right “hat” on.

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