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Direct and Fast Loans For You

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Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats

  • FAST Closing
  • Stated Income (Business Purpose Loans)
  • Primary Residences
  • Never ran out of money after 33 years in business!

Recently Funded:

Loan Program: Primary Residence Purchase
Loan Size:  $918,000
Location:  Corte Madera, Marin County
Days to Close:  20
Why Came To Us: Difficult to prove income as self-employed.

Loan Program: Primary Residence Refinance
Loan Size:  $518,000
Location:  Palo Alto, Santa Clara County
Days to Close:  11
Why Came To Us:  Consolidating debt to improve credit.

Loan Program:  Investment Property Purchase
Loan Size:  $1,120,000
Location:  Seaside, Monterey County
Days to Close:  16
Why Came To Us: Property condition was poor.

Loan Program:  Investment Property Refinance
Loan Size:  $750,000
Location:  Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Days to Close:  9
Why Came To Us: Wanted fast capital for business venture.

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“The Guy In The White Hat – Your Hard Money Lender”. Broker and Co-Owner of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, family owned and operated in Sonoma County California since 1988.