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Check Out North Bay Counties Real Estate Values: Past & Present!

Housing2 970X550 1 Wonder How Much Property Increased In The North Bay From Spring 2020 Until Spring 2022? Here Is The Data For Some Of The Cities:

Wonder how much property increased in the North Bay from Spring 2020 until Spring 2022? Here is the data for some of the cities:

Santa Cruz: 58%

Alameda: 46%

Marin: 43%

Contra Costa: 42%

Santa Clara: 39%

San Mateo: 37%

Napa: 37%

Solano: 31%

Sonoma: 30%

San Francisco: 25%

With these figures adding to our property owners’ wealth, the thought of losing 5%-10% of equity shouldn’t be considered a devastating hit. And a 5%-10% decrease in property values is what the experts are predicting. The extreme appreciation that was the norm for the prior couple of years has come to an end and real estate is finding its new normal. We are looking at a more balanced real estate world where the seller is not always “king”, and the buyer does not need to waive inspections and be outbid by a dozen other would-be home-owners.

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