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Special Edition: Sun Pacific Investor Quarterly

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      Sun Pacific Investor Quarterly A Newsletter for Investors in Trust Deeds Volume 7 Issue 2      Integrity  • Knowledge   •   Honesty      March 2011   Change – Change – Change               So much change has been wrought in the lending industry since what has been deemed the “mortgage debacle”.  With the dust somewhat…

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Investor Quarterly

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Private Mortgage Investing is Ripe

Dec 15, 2010 (0) comment

 Anyone with money can invest and become a Private Mortgage Investor.  It’s easier than you would think.  And with the Sonoma County percentile of houses being sold increasing over this past year, it’s a great time to get started!  Becoming a Private Investor can earn you upwards of 10% in return by investing in mortgages. …

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