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Why Buy A Home Now?

Why Buy a Home Now 1

The financial benefits of buying a home will always be debatable, but one element is non-refutable—the ability to build wealth.

These past couple of years have only confirmed this belief with appreciation recorded at unheard of rates.  The National Association of Realtors reported that the average gain for single-family homeowners over the last five years was $139,134 and over the past 10 years was $218,505.  In California you could easily double or triple those figures since our real estate market has had such unprecedented appreciation recently. Especially considering the hot real estate markets of the Peninsula counties of San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara – these can be great investments for larger returns.

Homeownership builds household wealth, which also enables households to move to the home of their dreams more easily.  To quote Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First America:

“As homeowners gain equity in their homes, they are more likely to consider using that equity to purchase a larger or more attractive home—the wealth effect of rising equity.”

In a recent survey which estimated the cumulative home appreciation over the next five years, market strategists have determined that a residential purchaser today will earn a 31.8% increase in their household wealth.

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What Will This Fall Be Like in the Real Estate Market?

What Will This Fall Be Like in the Real Estate Market

According to many experts, the California real estate market, along with the weather, is expected to cool off somewhat in the Fall.

We are more likely to see something a little closer to normal, and yet the market is likely to stay highly competitive because there will still be many more buyers than sellers.  This does not mean that home prices will fall, but the expectation is that going into the end of the year, prices will rise a more modest 5%-6% as opposed to the 17.2% annual rise in April.

While more Bay Area homes are likely to go up for sale during this second half of the year, the influx won’t be nearly enough to put a dent in this housing shortage, but it may help curb the wild price growth.

Sonoma County on down to San Francisco and Peninsula markets, demand is forecasted to stay strong even though many buyers are frustrated or simply priced out of the market.  More millennials are hitting their home buying years, and because builders haven’t been able to ramp up construction to meet the population growth, resales will continue to experience a healthy growth.

One Realtor explained what we in California might be facing:

“Don’t expect deals in the fall if you are house hunting in the most desirable part of a market or competing for a particularly nice house.  Homes that stand out for one reason or another are still flying off the shelf.”

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Investing in Trust Deeds with Your 401K or IRA

Investing in Trust Deeds with Your 401K or IRA

Many investors would like to increase their personal wealth with real estate property but dread all the work and responsibility that comes with the management and headaches inherent in rentals.  That is the reason wise investors have turned to Deeds of Trust, to realize more than average returns on their investment and avoid the hassles and potential nightmares of being a “landlord”.

Buying Trust Deeds turns you into a real estate lender and a passive owner of property.  You supply the mortgage and in return receive monthly payments of interest and have the loan paid off over time (which can be for as little as six months to one year).

When this investment is undertaken with money from your IRA or 401K, the payments can either be reinvested into your IRA to grow tax-free or can be taken as withdrawals to meet your minimum withdrawal requirements.

Since IRAs are designed to hold investments on a long-term basis, Trust Deeds have become a financially desirable addition to retirement portfolios.  Also, the rates on the return are attractive enough to make it a worthwhile option for IRAs or 401 plans. Our Trust Deeds earn interest rates up to 12-13%.

We here at Sun Pacific Mortgage do all the “heavy lifting” for our investors.  Our due diligence in obtaining the necessary background information on both property and borrower creates a safety net for your hard-earned investment funds.

With our long reputable 33+ years of honest lending opportunities, we guarantee secure and vetted lending of trust deeds for our investors.

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Real Estate Report on North Bay Counties for August

So Many Mortgage Myths

Once again, the lack of inventory has been the biggest factor in the shaping of the real estate market for last month.  Too many Buyers, not enough Sellers.  Here are the single-family residences results for Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties:

Sonoma County:

  • Into contract:  537
  • New listings:  451 (115% less than 8/2020)
  • Closed:  585
  • Open listings on 9/1:  698

Marin County:

  • Into contract:  192 (20% less than 8/2020)
  • New listings:  139 (53% less than 8/2020)
  • Closed:  223
  • Open listings on 9/1:  211

Napa County:

  • Into contract:  126
  • New listings:  111 (14% less than 8/2020)
  • Closed:  125
  • Open listings on 9/1:  235

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Thinking Of Moving Now That You Can Work From Home?

Thinking Of Moving Now That You Can Work From Home 1

Before the pandemic, only 21% of individuals worked from home, but as you have probably discovered, remote work has become the new normal.  Studies have reported that over the next 5 years, 37.5% of workers will be working remotely in some capacity.

This change in work requirements means that you can be more flexible in where you live.  If you are one of the nearly 23% fortunate employees who will remain 100% remote, you will be examining your new working place more critically.  More space for your home office will be number one on your “wish list”.  Add to the list moving to an area you always considered a “vacation spot”.  Now is the time you can ditch the cord that attached you to the office and live in a more remote location with better weather or community amenities.

Rural and suburban areas have become the locales of choice for many urbanites since the exodus began last year.  The pandemic caused a movement away from urban cores.  Those with higher incomes could afford to move to larger homes with more space and lower-income individuals sought lower cost-of-living areas.

Larger California cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego have seen a significant increase in suburban real estate sales.  Experts see this phenomenon most likely persisting for the rest of the year at least.

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Has the North Bay Run Out of Real Estate Sales?

housing inventory

There has been a dearth of sellers for a few years now, but the summer months have been especially quiet as more families are taking vacations in this post-pandemic age.

Looking at MLS data for June, we find that Sonoma County buyers contracted to purchase 619 single-family homes, which is close to the number in June 2020.  There were 514 new listings -10% fewer than the same time last year, and 620 homes closed escrows, a 32% increase over 2020.

Because of the frenetic pace of homes selling, and the lack of new inventory, only 684 homes were available to sell at the beginning of July, a stunning 22% fewer than last year.

Marin County saw the hottest market in the North Bay with only 181 new single-family homes for sale, 34% fewer than last year.  286 homes went into escrow and 328 homes closed escrow leaving the region with only 205 homes for sale at the beginning of July.  The median home value rose to $1,778,000.

Given the fact that homes are selling faster than homes are being placed on the market, we can continue to expect prices to rise over the next few months.

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Real Estate Statistics for July 2021 – San Francisco Peninsula Areas

Real Estate Market Results for San Francisco Peninsula Areas

Reports for last month show that the Peninsula is still a hot commodity. Homes are flying off the shelf with selling prices well above the asking price. Buyers can still expect to engage in bidding wars knowing that unless they get creative with their offer, they will probably lose out. All you need to do is examine the activity from July to see that real estate remains an extraordinarily strong seller’s market.

Menlo Park:  

  • D.O.M.: 6
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2,563,025 ($175,125 ABOVE 6/21)
  • 16% ABOVE asking price

Foster City:

  • D,O.M.:  8
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2,322,710 ($39,710 BELOW 6/21)
  • 16% ABOVE asking price


  • D.O.M.: 9
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2,290,884 ($114,368 BELOW 6/21)
  • 17% ABOVE asking price

San Carlos:

  • D.O.M.:  11
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2.659,670 ($120,812 ABOVE 6/21)
  • 12% ABOVE asking price

San Mateo:

  • D.O.M.:  13
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $2,368,985 ($358,062 ABOVE 6/21)
  • 14% ABOVE asking price


  • D.O.M.:  11
  • Ave. Selling Price:  $3,101,173($8,738 ABOVE 6/21)
  • 5% ABOVE asking price

In this market speed is everything!  On the Peninsula in July, the average days on the market ranged from 6 days to 13 days. That doesn’t give a Buyer any time to dilly-dally.

If you want to be competitive in today’s real estate arena, getting pre-approved for a mortgage is essential. Beyond that step, consider a fast private money real estate loan from Sun Pacific Mortgage. We are known for our speed in closing deals in a week or less.

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July Real Estate Market Statistics for Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties

July Real Estate Market Statistics for Sonoma Marin and Napa Counties

It is no surprise that single family homes continued to be snatched up as quickly as they hit the market in July.  The data shows that available housing has continued to shrink even as the demand has escalated.  Here are the results for July 2020:

Sonoma County

  • Houses that went into escrow:  622
  • Closed escrow:  563
  • New listings:  431 (25% fewer than July 2020)
  • Available August 1:  675 (12% fewer than July 2020)

Marin County

  • Houses into escrow:  231 (29% fewer than July 2020)
  • Closed escrow:  241
  • New listings:  169 (39% fewer than July 2020)
  • Available August 1: 209
  • Median price:  $1,800,000

Napa County

  • Houses that went into escrow:  128
  • Closed escrow:  115
  • New listings:  101 (60% fewer than July 2020)
  • Available August 1:  245
  • Median price:  $925,000

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Four Key Trends in Today’s Real Estate Market

Four Key Trends in Todays Real Estate Market

As we move into the second half of the year, one thing is clear:  the current California real estate market is a “one off”.  Both buyers and sellers are affected by the mix of conditions we are experiencing today.  Here’s a look at four key components that are shaping this unique market:

  1. A Shortage of Homes for Sale:  Even though parts of the country may be experiencing small gains in the number of homes available for sale, inventory remains a challenge, especially here in California.
  2. Buyer Competition and Bidding Wars:  Buyers are having to go above and beyond to make sure their offer stands out from the crowd by offering over the asking price, all cash, or waiving some contingencies.  The average number of offers for the average home for sale was 5 in May.
  3. Home Price Appreciation:  According to CoreLogic, national home prices rose 15.4% year-over-year in May, making it the highest gain since November 2005.
  4. A Rise in Home Values and Equity:  As reported in CoreLogic, homeowners with mortgages (62% of all properties) have seen their equity increase by 19.6% year-over-year and have used this leverage to move into their dream homes or accomplish other life goals.

Bottom line?  Whether you are looking to buy your new home in Monterey County or move from busier urban life of San Francisco to Sebastopol, downsize your Santa Cruz home as your kids finally moved out – there’s no time like the present to buy or sell!

We have helped thousands of borrowers in our 33+ years in business. If you or any of your clients fall short of qualifying for a conventional loan or just want fast real estate financing, then Sun Pacific Mortgage can help with our private money lending. Give us a call at 707-523-2099 or check out our website at www.Sunpacmortgage.com to discover what we can do to make your next move easier and possible.

Is the Housing Market About to Crash?

Is the Housing Market About to Crash 1

With home prices at record highs and properties, especially in California, flying off the market in just hours, it’s no wonder that the Google search for “when is the housing market going to crash” has spiked dramatically in recent weeks.

Although this present housing mania may remind us of the mid-2000 bubble, experts say there’s no reason to prepare for a crash-landing like in 2008 and 2009.  This time the reason is simply a result of supply-and-demand.  There are just not enough homes to satisfy all the prospective Buyers out there.

According to Ali Wolf, chief economist at building consultancy Zonda:

“Today’s prices feel unsustainable, today’s frenzy feels unsustainable.  But that doesn’t mean there’s going to be a crash.  That’s bad news for a lot of shoppers who are hoping for prices to come down.”

He continues with the prediction that over the next year or two, prices will continue to rise, but at a much slower pace.  Bidding wars will taper off, and the astronomical offers over asking price will eventually come down, because there is no way the double-digit price growth can continue long term.

We are all aware that today there are far more Buyers than homes for sale.  That is another sharp reversal from the late 2000s.  Back then, overbuilding yielded far more properties than there were Buyers.  Now there isn’t enough new construction to meet the demand.

Probably, the most important factor in the last collapse were the bad mortgages.  Thankfully, these have largely disappeared from the market.  Today’s Buyers may be paying top dollar, but they have been carefully vetted to ensure they can afford their mortgages.

If you want to get into a new home before prices escalate even more, how about presenting a stronger offer with faster close by taking advantage of a private home loan?  Or, if you find you don’t quite qualify for the more rigorous conditions required in a conventional mortgage today, give Sun Pacific Mortgage a call at 707-523-2099 or visit our website at www.sunpacificmortgage.com.

We have helped thousands of Buyers over the past 33 years with our private money real estate loans in California.  We even offer owner-occupied home loans.

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