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Bridging The Gap For Sellers To Become Happy Home Buyers

Presidents Day Promo With Stop Watch Lack Of Inventory Has Real Estate A Bit Muddled At The Moment.  However, With Bridge Loans And Short Term Loans, Real Estate Activity Can Be Increased And Benefit Those Home Owners Who Do Want To Sell.

Lack of inventory has real estate a bit muddled at the moment.  However, with bridge loans and short term loans, real estate activity can be increased and benefit those Home Owners who do want to sell.

● This type of financing removes the stress of having to get into contract on a new home before one sells their current house.

● Purchase offers can be extra strong as the financing required to buy a new home is available, no longer requiring a contingency of one’s current house to be sold.

In 2016 our company funded 235 Hard Money loans. It was a good mix of owner occupied loans, rental property loans, Bridge loans, Temporary Loans, small Commercial Loans and Land Loans. We took an average of 20 days to fund a loan, with our fastest funding in 3 days! January 2017 marked the 29th Anniversary of our family company doing home loans.

We continue to stand ready to help you, a client or someone you know bridge the gap between a current home and a new future home with our alternative finance programs.  Call us today at 707-523-2099!

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Recently Funded Bridge and Temporary Loans – Done to fill the gap:

Petaluma, California (Sonoma County)
Loan Amount:$660,000
Days To Fund: 7 days
Loan To Value: 75%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: Needed a fast loan for a purchase.

San Francisco, California (San Francisco County)
Loan Amount:$420,000
Days To Fund: 11 days
Loan To Value: 72%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: Needed a fast, short term loan.

Bolinas, California (Marin County)
Loan Amount:$490,000
Days To Fund: 17 days
Loan To Value: 64%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: Had a bankruptcy

Pioneer, California (Amador County)
Loan Amount:$1.5 mil
Days To Fund: 20 days
Loan To Value: 50%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: FICO score not good enough.

Cloverdale, California (Sonoma County)
Loan Amount:$235,000
Days To Fund: 14 days
Loan To Value: 63%
Why Turned Down Elsewhere: Property condition was poor.

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