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Bridge Loans – Fast & Strong!

April A Mortgage Broker Called From Socal And Needed A Rapid Bridge Loan For His Homebuyer.

A Mortgage Broker called from SoCal and needed a rapid Bridge loan for his Homebuyer.

This client wanted to do an owner-occupied Bridge loan purchase in Laguna Niguel, California.  There were so many offers on the new house he was looking to buy, prior to selling his current home, he needed a very fast close.

This is where we excel with our Hard Money Programs.  We approved and funded his $440,000 loan in just 10 days!

We work with many loan Brokers. Realtors and Borrowers.  In today’s type of market, with multiple offers, our Hard Money Programs can be quite beneficial.

Email us back or call today (707) 523-2099 with your questions or scenarios.

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