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Bay Area Real Estate Investors Reaping Large Profits

1 2 According To A Recent Report From Pacific Union, Real Estate Sellers In Three Local Metro Areas Enjoyed The Largest Return On Their Investments In The Country Last Year!  Sellers In The Bay Area Made More Than Three Times The National Average With San Francisco And San Jose Leading The Nation For The Largest Seller Profits.  Both Of These Areas Topped 69% In Profits Since The Date Of Purchase.  Santa Rosa Ranked 3Rd With 52% And Los Angeles Came In At A Respectable 49%.

According to a recent report from Pacific Union, real estate sellers in three local metro areas enjoyed the largest return on their investments in the country last year!  Sellers in the Bay Area made more than three times the national average with San Francisco and San Jose leading the nation for the largest seller profits.  Both of these areas topped 69% in profits since the date of purchase.  Santa Rosa ranked 3rd with 52% and Los Angeles came in at a respectable 49%.

While these figures provide a rosy picture of 2016, 2017 has continued to enjoy strong real estate appreciation well into the year.  Distressed sales of single family and condominium transactions are the lowest since 2008.  Some very reputable analysts do not predict a recession in the next 2 years, which would make this the longest stretch of economic prosperity in modern American history.

Why wait to invest in this lucrative avenue to potential wealth?  All signs point to the advantages of growing your assets in this economy through real estate investments.

We here at Sun Pacific Mortgage are ready to assist with such investment.  We regularly have Trust Deeds available, offering 1st mortgages for California properties.  We have been in business for over 29 years now, so have much experience in this area.

As an Investor you can upwards of 13% return, earnings that are not easily found elsewhere in our economy.  Let us help as you diversify your portfolio.  Here is our webpage to provide further information on how we can work together:  https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com//hard-money-investor-tutorial/

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