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Backed By More Than 30 Years Of Trust!

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We are privileged to have repeat and referred borrowers, realtors, lenders and brokers who have been placing their trust in us for the past 30 years and more. 

It’s a trust we could never buy. It is a trust you can count on. 

If you or a client is just shy of qualifying for conventional financing, give us a call at 

707-523-2099…and let’s get you a Hard Money Alt-A loan, with rates as low as 6%*!

Some Of Our Recently Funded Hard Money Loans

Location:  Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Why Came To Us: Property required some fix-ups. 
Scenario: Wanted to buy an investment property but due to property condition couldn’t qualify for traditional financing. 
Loan Size: $882,500 with 61% LTV
Days To Finish: 17

Location:  Mill Valley, Marin County
Why Came To Us: Needed fast financing. 
Scenario: Wanted a stronger offer with a very short closing date and no loan contingency, which we could offer. 
Loan Size: $599,000 with 59% LTV
Days To Finish: 8

Location:  Vallejo, Solano County
Why Came To Us: Borrower had “too many” owned properties with mortgages on them so unable to get financing elsewhere. 
Scenario:  Borrower had an investment property with considerable existing equity.  He did a refinance to pull out additional capital for other business purposes. 
Loan Size: $560,000 with 70% LTV
Days To Finish: 15

Location:  Covina, Los Angeles County
Why Came To Us: Turned down at last minute due to proof of income. 
Scenario: Wanted to consolidate high-rate credit card debts and do some home improvements but having difficulty getting financing due to being self-employed with difficult to prove income. 
Loan Size: $450,000 with 62% LTV
Days To Finish: 11


*APR for this rate based on a $200,000 first mortgage is 6.31%. 

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