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Creative Financing for the 21st Century

Alternative Methods for Funding Purchase and Refinancing


Buyers and Borrowers are looking for an alternative way to buy or refinance. The banks just can’t help!

We have been in this business in Santa Rosa for over 26 years. We have been through the good times and the bad. We are SURVIVORS. Right now the market is in recovery, but borrowers are still consistently turned down by the banks.

The Wall Street Journal printed an article about hard money investors showing that private lenders fill an important void. For borrowers who have been turned away by banks, hard-money can provide a chance to take advantage of opportunities in the market. Ever since mortgage defaults surged after the housing crash, banks have been reluctant to lend to certain types of borrowers, including investors.


Examples: Robert and Yvonne Fassett praise the hard-money business. They secured a loan to restructure their finances after a kitchen-cabinet distribution business they owned for 30

years suffered in the downturn, ruining their credit. The couple received a one-year, $120,000 loan with a 12% interest rate.

“The fees and interest rate were no doubt higher than a bank, but it was well worth it since no bank was willing to listen,” says Mr. Fassett, 59.


So how does it work?

Through mortgage brokers, hard-money lenders offer high-interest, short-short term loans to borrowers who can’t get traditional bank financing, including investors and people with spotty credit. The interest rate can be in the teens – compared with less than 5% for bank mortgages – while the length can be as short as 12 months.

Hard-money lenders don’t focus much on a borrower’s credit scores. They care more about asset valuations and loan-to-value ratios. Many lenders won’t lend more than 50% to 70% of the home’s value, while banks will lend as much as 80% and government-backed loans can go as high as 97%.

Because there is little bureaucracy when compared with big banks, deals can be approved and closed within just a few days.

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Finding A Legitimate Broker Is The Only Way To Go

Facts and Figures Unarguable Regarding Homeownership


Just a few “facts & figures” why being a home owner is the right choice. So getting a hard money loan or conventional loan – it all ends with the same result. Homeownership is valuable.


For the past 26 years I’ve been in real estate and lending here in Sonoma County (licensed for entirety of California), home ownership has ebbed and flowed as to it’s apparent value.


However, The KCM Crew has hit the nail on the head again with it’s released quotes from various entities, all about home ownership and its true value.


Whether a hard money loan to purchase your home to then refinance down the road or a bank loan at the outset, it all adds up to actual value.


Don’t hesitate and wait for a better time.  The real estate and lending market are always changing but the one thing that doesn’t change: home ownership values!


Best, Forest – The Guy in the White Hat

Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate


Homeownership: A Few Stats and Quotes

by The KCM Crew on September 29, 2014 in For Buyers




2014 American Express Spending & Saving Tracker

“About two-thirds (65%) of homeowners say they are confident they would get the asking price for their home if they were to put it on the market today (up from 40% in 2010).”

Financial Security Index Survey

“Eighty nine percent of Americans feel that buying a home is an important part of achieving the American Dream.”

“How America Views Homeownership” Survey

“Sixty eight percent of Americans feel that now is a good time to buy a home.”

Housing Confidence Index

“A two-thirds majority of renter households said that owning a home someday is a specific goal that they are determined to reach, or something that they think about a lot.”

Fannie Mae

“Homes have accounted for 23.5% of American’s wealth on average since 1959. That’s nearly double the proportion U.S. households and nonprofits have invested in stocks.”

Wall Street Journal

“A measure of owners’ equity as a share of the value of real-estate holdings hit 53.6% in the second quarter, up from 53.2% in the first quarter and below 50% a year earlier. For most Americans, a home is their biggest asset, so the growing level of home equity suggests improvements in the economy are now reaching more Americans.”

It Pays To Buy VS Rent

The recent KCM article “Don’t Get Caught in the ‘Renter’s Trap’ might surprise hopeful home buyers. http://www.keepingcurrentmatters.com/2014/08/27/dont-get-caught-in-the-renters-trap/  Written by The KCM Crew on August 27, 2014

“If you are currently renting you could get caught up in a cycle where increasing rents continue to make it impossible for you to save for a necessary down payment. ZillowChief Economist Dr. Stan Humphries explains:

“The affordability of for-sale homes remains strong, which is encouraging for those buyers that can save for a down payment and capitalize on low mortgage interest rates… As rents keep rising, along with interest rates and home values, saving for a down payment and attaining homeownership becomes that much more difficult for millions of current renters.”

Zillow Source: http://www.zillow.com/research/rental-affordability-job-growth-9322/

Don’t miss out on buying now because you think you aren’t qualified for a home loan.

Find a good local Lender and start yourself on the road to getting pre-qualified for a home loan.
The above blog lays it out pretty clearly.

I like to help spread the truth that there are more loan options for hopeful home buyers and it starts with finding a good local lender to take the first step and ask the question, “Am I qualified?”.

And some who aren’t qualified immediately could in the near future so a private money loan could be the option to get you out of a rental now, improve your credit or loan qualification situation, and then refinance in the near future.  You’d be surprised how many don’t realize how cost effective it really is – in the long run.



Lynn Tardibuono is Co-Owner/Hard Money Loan Originator & Realtor® of Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate, family owned and run since 1988 in Northern CA. P.S. We love referrals!www.sunpacmortgage.com.  BRE license #01464899/NMLS #360993

Buying a Home in Winter

A fantastic blog was written back in October and I wanted to share it:



Just as there are fewer homes for sale during the winter, there are fewer buyers, too. That means less competition and sellers who are more willing to accommodate potential buyers. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Offer a relatively low (but not insultingly low) bid for the home you’ve selected, or ask for perks such as the living room furniture or the chandelier that you admire. The low number of potential buyers also means you have more time to make your decision. In the spring, you often need to choose a home and act quickly, but in winter you may be able to take your time.


Read the rest: http://www.realtor.com/advice/buying-a-home-in-the-winter/?cid=EML301517#.UrTRHvS1ym4

– See more at: http://activerain.com/blogsview/4281552/buying-a-home-in-winter#sthash.iIsxV3CJ.dpuf


Call me at (707) 523-2099, Lynn Tardibuono – Realtor® and Flipper Chick at Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate.


If you or a client is thinking of selling a home that needs some “TLC” I have been in the Real Estate business here in Sonoma County since 1988 and can help get that property off your hands with my all-cash buyer who’s ready to close fast!


You can get more information at www.sunpacmortgage.com. DRE license #01014873

How To Make FHA Offers To Buy A House, More Enticing



As a real estate agent you need to know the products out there for the buyer.  I mean loan products.  Everyone and anyone could buy a home during the heyday!  Now it’s more limited – houses for sale and there are really only a few loan programs:

  1. The government regulated (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, FHA, VA)
  2. The In-House loans (credit unions and local banks)
  3. Lastly “Hard Money”

The government regulated loans such as FHA are regulated – heavily.  The banks and underwriters are worried they may approve a loan incorrectly and get pounced on by the regulators.  This is likely to relax in the coming months and years, though there are some shrewd enough to make such loans appear stronger in offers today.
More in-house loans are being done by credit unions and banks and can appear stronger in offers.  These are not regularly done by Fannie/Freddie or FHA or VA.  They are irregular loans such as lots of acreage, farms, etc.  Local knowledge is really needed for these types of loans.
Hard money is something that has come into its own.   There is little bureaucracy, deals can be approved and closed in just a few days, there’s no red tape as to qualifications and rates are improving with the hot real estate market.  Basically considered “all cash”, such loans are extra strong and can be used to purchase or refinance dump property, bad credit borrower, irregular income borrower, large cash out borrower, Bridge loans, etc.
As you have seen, the housing market values are only going up, but still the current prices are too good to miss out on…so realtors now, more than ever, need to be extra shrewd when helping Buyers’ submit strong offers and also match them with a really good Lender who is extra shrewd.
And to that I say, “thank goodness for shrewd agents and lenders!”

Lynn Tardibuono, Co-Owner and Realtor-Flipper Chick, has helped many, many Buyers & Sellers buy and sell homes throughout Sonoma County.  She is a CA Realtor® with more than 25 years of experience in real estate and lending.   Office phone number is (707) 523-2099.  See website @ www.sunpacmortgage.com. DRE license #01464899 and NMLS #360993.

Proven Realtor Social Networking & Marketing Sites

Lenders Viewpoint
By Forest & Lynn Tardibuono

Proven Realtor Social Networking & Marketing Sites

After our Daughter ‘n Law (who is our Marketing Director) attended the local Sonoma County Tech Expo with seminars from experienced representatives of Trulia, Zillow and C.A.R., we all decided a list of the staple social networking, marketing and advertising sites for Real Estate Agents and Brokers would be helpful.

How can one keep up with the ever-changing and expanding, marketing and social networking world wide web, much less know which is the best avenue to take? You can’t! But you can profit from these with little of your own time exhausted, if you just know which ones to use.

The following list is based off almost 4 years of trial and error, weekly and monthly review of the response statistics of these avenues, as well as daily tracking of our calls into the office, for new loans and real estate interest. As these proved to be the most effective for our markets, we wanted to share so others could benefit as well.


Efficient/free advertising for promoting open houses, listings and your services:

Craigslist – free advertising, very popular site – one of top most ranked in USA.

Mountain Byteswww.Mountainbytes.com – $.01 cent per email address
A large Agent based opt-in website. Allows you to easily build your own e-fliers and target specific areas. Great for promoting your open houses and new listings.


Free Marketing/Networking

Social networking is not just a “craze” anymore but a must. Communication is the highest surveyed button amongst consumers. Plus, networking can only increase the number of people who can discover you and see what you can offer.

LinkedIn – Professional networking, passing along tips, giving and getting referrals.

Facebook – Cocktail socializing, good to show how friendly and locally informed you are.

Trulia – Very popular real estate search site with consumers. Set up your own profile and virtually let MLS do the rest as it’s updated with your MLS info (you just have to “claim” your listings). There’s an advice area where you can answer questions and become the “one who knows and can helps”,
potentially picking up more business!

Zillow – Similar to Trulia site, so just set up a profile and away you go!


Free “Virtual Office”
(For those out of the office with clients most of the day)

Team Viewerwww.Teamviewer.com
Easy to set up, does not require anyone tech-savvy. It allows you 24/7 access your [office] computer files, applications and docs anytime and anywhere you have internet access. While out with clients, if you need to refer to something at the office on your computer, access it immediately from your smartphone or tablet (iPhone and Android compatible).

An online “share box”. Allows you to you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again and offers easy access for your Buyers, when they are not with you, to view your pictures of houses for sale, review docs, etc.
The above is by far not an end all, but, as a small family owned real estate and hard money loans company, it allows us not to spread ourselves too thin while accomplishing the reason behind social networking and internet marketing: make ourselves known to get more customers we can help!
Good luck with these.


Forest Tardibuono is a CA DRE Broker and the “Guy in the White Hat” – Your Hard Money Lender; Lynn Tardibuono is Realtor/Co-Owner and Flipper Chick of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, family owned and operated in Sonoma County since 1988, servicing all Northern CA. www.sunpacmortgage.com

Make The Market Work For You Instead Of Desperately Working For It!


Getting the message out to Realtors and your clients about the current market good news, such as “You can sell your house for free with a short sale” and “equity sales are up 59%!” will only make you more money.

Like Mike Kelly of Keller Williams Realty stated, “By creating a bigger pie we all get a bigger slice!”. If you really KNOW what’s going on in the Real Estate market then you WILL become a “local economist” and get paid the big bucks…. As you will know how to drum up the best and most business!

Working in the Sonoma County Real Estate and Loans business since 1988, I’ve learned to “work the market” so that I can still be successful when the market changes. LISTEN TO THOSE WHO KNOW; LISTEN TO THOSE WITH THE ROUTINE SALES AND LISTINGS. Facts and Stats tell the tale BUT facts and stats also can lead to new tales of those who put the tips to use!

Proven TIP #1: Be a local expert by putting to use MLS and Market Metrics. Why not gain knowledge to get more in control of the market and make it work for you instead of desperately working for it?!

Review these facts, charts and figures presented by Mike Kelly of Keller Williams at the KNOW YOUR NUMBERS class on Thursday, September 6th. Share the information on your social sites, blogs, websites, emails, in your interviews with your clients. And then put it all to use! To access the power point presentation, visit this link:


Proven TIP #2: Go out and find Sales. Let’s get down to brass tacks; It takes hard work, rolling up one’s sleeves and using those walking shoes to be a successful Real Estate Agent. There are an abundant amount of Buyers and a lack of inventory but there are loads of equity owned homes with potential sellers residing in them. By using MLS and Market Metrics find those with equity in the areas your Buyers are interested in and contact them – by phone, email or in person with a friendly visit!

My long time friend and Realtor has been doing just this the past couple of months and it’s going great! He has many Buyers and [new] listings. No short sales and no foreclosure messes means fast transactions for both parties. And he’s happy with the 4 houses closing escrow and a new listing he found from knocking on doors – last week alone!

Don’t sit around and wait for the market to change. Each of us doing diligent study of the local current market and then making this known and doing “dirty work” to get things going again WILL change the market for the better; Don’t just sit around – make more money for yourself and make more happy home owners!

Best, Lynn

Did You Know About This TIP to Capture Home Buyers?

Did You Know About This TIP For House Hunters?

Real Estate market has exploded and house hunting is hot! To help in selling a home/getting a listing sold faster, here are some very basic advertising actions that are cost effective or have no cost at all and require little time:

●MountainBytes.com (biggest email opt-in site for Realtors);
●Holding a few public open houses – advertised with good signage at key intersections and streets;
●House fliers with pictures and information on them posted outside the home with a “for sale” sign.









Implementing the above basic and very cost-efficient advertising activities for my listings has totally paid off and I can’t stress enough the change came when internet advertising was picked up 10-fold at our office.

I was reading the local paper this morning and came across this interesting article by Diane Hymer called HOUSE HUNTING. She covers some great 4 points on attracting buyers but the one that I hadn’t particularly stressed – though have been doing it mainly because I have a young Marketer who works with me – was regarding the importance of advertising on the internet.

Diane said, “The importance of Internet Advertising should not be underestimated….. Approximately 85 percent of homebuyers search for homes on the Internet.”

So, this brings up this important and proven tip about house hunters and Agents listing homes for sellers: Provide wide exposure for the home/listing and not just local but definitely repeated local advertising.

As the internet is 24/7 available, buyers search for homes on the internet before contacting their Agent a lot of times. Some may even decide to move to another area instead of their earlier intended area due to finding a home on the internet and seeing how move-in-ready it is.

Having pictures of the house is important. Buyers like pictures and will pass over ones without pictures! Listing on MLS is good and ensure there are pictures but one must advertise elsewhere to, to reach more buyers and agents.

Hope this helps!

Lynn Tardibuono – Flipper Chick- Real Estate Agent and Co-Owner of Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate. Serving Sonoma County since 1988. Her number is (707)523-2099 and you can also visit the redesigned website at https://www.sunpacificmortgage.com/.

A Realtor’s Viewpoint – On Lending

A Realtor’s Viewpoint – On Lending

By: Lynn Tardibuono

As a real estate agent you need to know the products out there for the buyer. I mean loan products. Everyone and anyone could buy a home during the heyday! Now it’s very limited. There are really only a few loans:

#1 – The government regulated (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, FHA, VA)
#2 – The In-House loans (credit unions and local banks)
#3 – Lastly “Hard Money”.

The government regulated loans are regulated – heavily. The banks and underwriters are worried they may approve a loan incorrectly and get pounced on by the regulators. This will most likely relax in the coming months and years.

Some in-house loans are being done by credit unions and banks. These are not regularly done by Fannie/Freddie or FHA or VA. They are irregular loans such as lots of acreage, farms, etc. Local knowledge is really needed for these types of loans.

Hard money is something that is coming into its own. There were two articles written recently about hard money in the Wall Street Journal. As a realtor I say “thank goodness” for Hard Money. There is little bureaucracy, deals can be approved and closed in just a few days. There’s no red tape. The parties involved in hard money are the lender (private investor normally a person who lives in the community), the broker (hard money has to be done through a broker per numerous State and Federal laws) and the borrower.

Hard money can be used to purchase or refinance a dump property, bad credit borrower, irregular income borrower, large cash out borrower, Bridge loans,etc. Hard money is a higher interest rate loan, usually 12% interest and you have to have equity in order to qualify, but then down the road one can refinance.

The housing market values are only going up and current prices are too good to miss out on…every once in a while the realtor needs to send their buyer to a hard money broker to help get them into their new home.

And that’s why I say, “thank goodness for Hard Money Lenders!”

Lynn Tardibuono, Realtor & Co-Owner – Has helped many, many Buyers get into their new home by way of Hard Money loans. She is a CA Realtor with more than 24 years of experience in real estate and lending. Her phone number is (707) 523-2099. Email is Lynn@sunpacmortgage.com. See website @ www.sunpacmortgage.com.

DRE license #01014873 & NMLS #289456

800 Mendocino Ave, Suite 2 | Santa Rosa, CA | (707) 523-2099 | lynn@sunpacmortgage.com

All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome

This ancient adage simply means that the facts of a matter point to one conclusion. Since I write articles about lending and real estate, I’ll give you the facts and let’s see if “all roads lead to Rome”, that is we conclude the same thing.

  • Interest rates on 30 year and 15 year fixed rate mortgages are at historic lows.
  • Mortgage interest deduction is still intact.
  • Property values are at or near the bottom of the market in many areas.
  • Owning a home is as cheap as renting in many areas of the country.
  • There are lots of homes being sold everywhere in the country.
  • Loans are being made in all areas of the country.
  • FHA ( Federal Housing Administration) still makes loans to Buyers with 3.5% down and there are still zero down programs!

Private money loans now account for 1% of all loans done in the USA. With a good down payment you can buy a home even if you just did a short sale, had a property foreclosed upon and/or did a bankruptcy or are in bankruptcy.

In the county I live in, the median price for a home has risen for the last 3 months.

America isn’t going to dry up and disappear. It will recover from the current mess.

What do you conclude from the above?

If you are considering buying a home – go and do it right now!

All roads lead to “Home”.

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