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What’s Happening in the Orange County Real Estate Market?

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Whats Happening in the Orange County Real Estate Market

Orange County’s homebuying rebound continued in September with sales hitting a pace not seen since 2005. A study done by DQNews (a service that provides home sales and mortgage statistics for the U.S.) shows a market fueled by historically low interest rates, coronavirus-led urges for more space, and a limited inventory for house hunters to…

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Want Your Loan Funded?

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Want Your Loan Funded?

We are Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats Our Private Money programs can help your Borrowers and Buyers who’ve been turned down elsewhere! Call 707-523-2099 with your scenarios today. Loan of the Week We were recently contacted by a Broker who had a Borrower in need of a fast loan. …

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Los Angeles Real Estate Market Report for September

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Los Angeles Real Estate Market Report for September

The Los Angeles real estate market continues to be somewhat competitive even in these days of pandemic partial shutdowns.  Moving to the Los Angeles area is more attractive because of the work-from-home opportunities being afforded many employees.  Up until now residents could expect to spend a lot of time in their cars given that LA…

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Real Estate Market Results for San Francisco Peninsula Areas – September 2020

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Real Estate Market Results for San Francisco Peninsula Areas

While there was some slight fluctuation in sales pricing from August to September, asking and sales price were very much in line.  Below is a summary of 6 cities from the Peninsula, that represent the state of the real estate market in these San Francisco bay areas: Menlo Park: Average days on market- 28 Average…

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Autumn Specials – Recently Funded!

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Autumn Special: Fast Loans!

Autumn Special: Fast Loans! No covid or stressful regulations when you use our alternative financing programs. Expect FAST loan approvals!  Expect FAST closings & fundings for your clients! Call Us 707-523-2099.  We’ll let you know quickly what we can do for you and or your clients. Recently Approved & Funded Program:  Investment Property Refinance Loan…

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Tired of Covid Stopping Loan Approval? See Our Loan of the Week!

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30 years in business

*Click above to play video and find out more* NO COVID Here, Just Fast Loan Approvals. Avoid Covid-19 regulations with our alternative financing programs and expect fast loan approvals! Call us today at 707-523-2099 or email us by clicking below.  Let us help you get that mortgage financed! Loan of the Week A Broker from…

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North Bay Area August Real Estate Report

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North Bay Area August Real Estate Report

And we thought we had seen it all…but, no, there was more!  How about record-breaking heat, more fires, unhealthy air, and a pandemic?  Despite it all, the real estate market in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties have continued to thrive and even grow! Here are the statistics for single family homes as recently reported in…

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Loan of the Week – Different With Experts

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New NorthBay biz play

(What Is Hard Money Really? Click above to play video and find out!) Let The Experts Help Get You Loan Approval Are you frustrated by not getting loan approval for a client? Let us help!  We do not have any covid regulations and in fact, have only 2 main qualifications: #1. If buying a property…

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Wildfires and Sonoma County Real Estate Market

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While the fires have no doubt slowed real estate buying & selling activity in the North Bay for the time being, we know from past disaster experiences, that we can expect the market to tighten up.  With more demands for housing already existing within Sonoma County and surrounding regions – and the demands being placed…

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So Many Mortgage Changes…So Many Myths!

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So Many Mortgage Myths

In an excellent article written by Erica Sweeney for, the author lists common myths that she wishes to debunk.  We feel that this article is so on-point with California mortgage market, that we want to share the essence with you. Recent days have brought on changes unheard of in the past, especially in the…

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