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Feeling Grateful – Loan of the Week!

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feeling greatful

Feeling Gratefall for Private Money! Private Mortgages offer FAST financing! Our private money programs can rescue your real estate purchase or refinance that may be falling through due to difficult to prove income, credit problems, property condition, etc. Many Borrowers feel grateful for our private financing: Loan of the Week An Agent referred her Buyer…

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Want Passive Income? Join Our Team of Investors

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Sun Pacific Mortgage has been in business for almost 34 years now, providing private mortgage loans to thousands of Californians. We continue to be there for those in need, due to the loyal and experienced Private Investors who trust us to perform our due diligence and provide them with sound investment opportunities. Before we offer…

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Fall Back On This – Refinance or Purchase!

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Fast Mortgages to Fall Back on! If you don’t qualify at this time for your home loan programs, having good Private Money loans to fall back on just might rescue your home purchase or refinance! Give us the opportunity to help you, as we did below: Home Loan of the Week Loan program:  Primary Residence…

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Real Estate Statistics for September 2021 San Francisco Peninsula

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San Francisco Real Estate Statistics for September 2021

Markets typically move in cycles characterized by pervasive economic optimism, uncertainty, or pessimism. Today, optimism is the prevailing motivation especially behind the real estate market. We have only to examine the results of September’s sales data recorded for the cities on the San Francisco Peninsula to see that exemplified. Menlo Park Days On Market: 23…

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