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ft and kw Feb 2

Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats FAST Closing Stated Income (Business Purpose Loans) Primary Residences Never ran out of money after 33 years in business! Recently Funded: Loan Program: Primary Residence Purchase Loan Size:  $918,000 Location:  Corte Madera, Marin County Days to Close:  20 Why Came To Us: Difficult to…

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Sonoma County Real Estate Kicks Off In 2021

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Sonoma County Real Estate Kicks Off In 2021

If there was ever a question regarding the health of Sonoma County’s real estate market, it was answered during the 2nd week of January 2021. Based on information obtained from MLS data, here are some solid facts to confirm the upward trajectory of the market just as the year is jetting into 2021: Active Listings: …

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2021 Faces of Sonoma County

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faces of sonoma county

We’re honored to be featured in the Sonoma magazine’s “Faces of Sonoma County” section, wherein they recognize working professionals making impactful contributions to the community.  We are proud to be able to help so many through our family company:  For more than 32 years, Sun Pacific has been a private money-lending firm for real estate…

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Real Estate Becomes the Driving Force in the Economy

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Real Estate Becomes the Driving Force in the Economy

It is safe to say that the word “home” has taken on new meaning during this year’s health issues.  In California, many have considered buying or selling much sooner than they anticipated.  This demand and lower housing inventory in many California counties, have seen an almost unprecedented appreciation in real estate values. According to the…

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End The Year With Loan Approval!

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providing loans family

How about ending this year with “Loan Approved” or “Loan Done”! With our Private Money programs this can happen: – FAST funding. – No covid restrictions. – Difficult to prove income OK. – Primary residences & investment properties financed. Recently Funded: Location:  Watsonville, Santa Cruz County Finance Program:  Primary residence purchase Loan Size:  $565,000 Days…

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Make Your Holiday Merrier With Our Loans!

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Internet Christmas card

We are Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats Our entire family team is here to make your Holiday season merrier by providing fast loan approval and fast funding! Our Private Money programs have: – No covid regulations. – More forgiving qualifications. – Fast funding ability with many loans closed in…

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2021 Housing Forecast Looking Rosy

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2021 Housing Forecast Looking Rosy 1

Most of us living in California will be happy to bid, “Good riddance” to 2020.  While much of the hallmarks of this past year will go away, the rising home prices in many California counties which became distinct characteristic of this past year, may be here to stay.’s housing forecast predicts record-high prices will…

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Get Ahead Of The Home-Buyer Competition

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Get Ahead Of The Home Buyer Competition

One phenomenon that has surprised many home seekers this year is the competition that awaits them when they begin their search.  With the pandemic restrictions, many assumed that the housing market would slow down, but that has hardly been the case, especially here in California. California homebuyers’ demands have escalated for several reasons, primarily because…

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This Economy’s Recovery is a Surprise to Even the Most Experienced Economists

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Remember back in March when it was all gloom and doom relative to the economy?  The predictions were downright apocalyptic not just for California but most of America!  It was even going to be another Great Depression.  Fast forward to September…while the country is still a little unstable, it is evident that we will not…

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Turned Down Elsewhere for Home Loan?

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Turned Down Elsewhere for Home Loan

We are Direct Private Money Lenders – The Guys in the White Hats We offer FAST private money financing for your real estate needs: – Direct Lenders – FAST Loans – More forgiving qualifications with NO covid regulations. Loan of the Week A Broker from Santa Clara called us, requesting fast help with a client…

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