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North Bay Real Estate Trends for February 2021

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Looking at all the homes and condos for sale in the northern California counties of Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties at the end of February, there were just 1,431 on the market.  This is the lowest inventory amount since 2005 and 2% below that of January.  This region generally enjoys a Spring revival in both listings and sales, but only time will tell.

Let’s take a look at the real estate trends in Sonoma County as of the end of February:

  • Inventory: 534 (+30% YTY; +2% MTM)
  • Ratio of homes sold over original price: 45%
  • New sales: 488 (+38% YTY; +8% MTM)
  • Supply of inventory:  1.1
  • Time it takes to sell: 39 (Coastal) – 106 (Oakmont)
  • Average days on market:  60
  • Median price: $621,000 (+10% YTY)
  • Average price: $906,046 (+13% YTY)
  • Total sales volume:  +29% YTY
  • Sales price to list price: 100% (+5% YTY

It is quite plain to see that Sonoma County real estate has flourished since the beginning of the year with no indication that it will flounder in the near future.

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The California Housing Market: Trends and Forecast 2021

The California Housing Market Trends and Forecast 2021

There is little doubt that the California housing market forecast is projected to be positive.  CAR conducted a survey and found the following opinions generally held by most of the experts:

  • Buyers, sellers, and agents agreed that home prices will likely remain on their upward trend in the short term.
  • 60% of agents believe that prices will rise in the coming weeks.
  • 46% think that sales and listings will grow in the coming weeks.
  • An average of 675 new listings per day was reported in the week of January 24-30, a growth of 4.1%
  • Agents don’t see huge changes ahead in the coming months.
  • Zillow predicts that home prices will rise by 10.6% in the next 12 months.
  • For repeat buyers there is an increasing desire for a larger second home.
  • 35% of buyers are opting for a property with more rooms.
  • 37% of buyers are opting to live in a suburb rather than a city.
  • 26% of buyers are opting to live in rural areas rather than cities or suburbs.

As of January 31, the California real estate statistics read as follows:

  • Median price rose 27% YTY, the largest gain in nearly 7 years
  • Median time on the market:  12 days
  • Active listings dropped sharply from last year down 53.4%
  • January saw the highest sales level since 2009 at 484,730 units (up 22.5%)
  • All major regions’ median prices continued to increase from last year by double digits.

Every indicator points to a robust real estate market for California into the rest of 2021.  So if you’ve considered moving up, moving down, moving out of town, now is the time to sell!  Marketing is hot and there are Buyers out there who want to buy your home.

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4 Ways Hard Money Can Help You & Your Clients.

4 Ways Hard Money Can Help You Your Clients 1

For many decades “hard money”, also known as “private funding”, has been a lifesaver for many prospective buyers who would have otherwise been excluded from the real estate/mortgage market.

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Investing In Deeds Of Trust Brings Higher Return

Investing In Deeds Of Trust Brings Higher Return

To many a naysayer’s surprise, the 2020 real estate market boomed.  Prices rose, sales increased, and investors continued to grow their wealth.  In a recent article I found in Realtor Magazine, Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR, stated that even as early as August, 6 million existing and new home sales were recorded in the United States.  From our own data reports on various counties in California, we have seen exponential sales growth from San Diego to Mendocino and beyond.

Just looking at San Francisco County for December, we find double the number of properties listed since 2019.  In addition, more than half the single-family homes sold last month closed well over asking price.  With inventory remaining low for the foreseeable future, prices should continue to rise ensuring a healthy accumulation of investors’ wealth.

We have found similar data in December for the San Francisco Peninsula where homes only stayed on the market anywhere from 18-38 days and prices rose again month-to-month.

In Orange County September sales of existing single-family homes was up 30.6% over last year and the median price rose 10.8%.

In Los Angeles County for the month of September the median sales price increased 5.7% over 2019.  In Marin County, Napa County and Sonoma County for November the data was even more encouraging.

At Sun Pacific Mortgage we see investors more eager than ever to supply private money to borrowers seeking a loan.  And why not?  Surely real estate has proven to be the best long-term (and even short-term) investment for many portfolios. A trust deed investment means that you are not involved in the day-to-day operations of your property with all the headaches that can bring.

Unlike the stock market where you are never certain where your capital is from day to day, real estate has proven over the decades to be a solid investment, and remember, it is the only one you can live in!

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