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Recently Funded – No Need To Be Furious



We Finance Despite Credit Issues, Property Condition &

Difficult-To-Prove-Income. And we offer FAST Financing!

$798,000 – Temporary Loan For A Purchase (Buyer Had Poor Credit)
Petaluma, Sonoma County
70% Loan to value
10 Days to Fund

$878,000 – Investment Property Refinance (Remodeling)
Santa Ana, Orange County
64% Loan to value
12 Days to Fund

$1,300,000 – Short Term Refinancing (Cash-Out)
Martinez, Contra Costa County
65% Loan to value
25 Days to Fund

$462,000 – Investment Property Purchase (Buyer Wanted Strong All-Cash Offer)
Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
65% Loan to value
11 Days to Fund

“You are easy to work with and you get the job done.  I know early on IF you can do the deal or not and then not much changes to Closing.  Together I KNOW that we are doing clients a great service from their thank you’s”.   Broker – JF