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An Alt-A Private Money Program – for Borrowers Who Miss the Mark

Jan 11, 2022  , , , , , , ,

Ken Ari Walker Sun Pacific Mortgage Family Team

Here at Sun Pacific Mortgage, we have instituted an alternative program for Borrowers who fall short of qualifying for a conventional loan – or what some refer to as an “A-Paper loan”.

We found that this niche was not being serviced by a regular private money loan program so we created our own. While a Borrower’s qualifications for a conventional loan are more stringent and not always met, this new program was a viable and appealing option for a Private Money Lender.

The rates on this type of loan range between 6%-8.5%. While still higher than a conventional loan, they are significantly lower than most Private money loans.

To qualify for an Alt-A loan, the property needs to be in good condition, credit score above 650 and the loan would have a 60% loan to value or less.

If this loan is being taken out for a consumer purpose rather than a business purpose, the term of the loan may be from 11 months minimally to 15 years maximumly. If the loan is a business loan, the term of the loan will be from 1-5 years. For a consumer type loan there is no prepayment penalty, but for a business purpose loan there is a minimal prepayment penalty.

This has been an extremely popular program since we created it two years ago. There appears to be Borrowers who would rather not wait to qualify for a conventional loan, or who need a fast close and are willing to get into a property with a higher rate knowing they can refinance in a year.

If this program looks like a solution to your borrowing needs, give us a call at 707-523-2099 to see what we can do for you.

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