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7 Useful Things You Might Not Know About

7 Useful Things You Might Not Know About

  1. Arrow by your gas gauge:  Next to the gas gauge of nearly every car that’s been manufactured since 2010, there is an arrow that either points to the left or the right. A lot of people might never have noticed it, but it identifies the side of the car where you will find your gas tank.  This is especially helpful when you drive a rental car!

  2. Holes in pot handles: There is a very practical reason for the hole at the end of the handle.  If you have a stirring spoon, you don’t just want to leave it in the pot or set it on the counter. But with the hole at the end of the handle, you can slide the utensil in it so the spoon just sits up and drips back into the pot. Try it out next time you want to impress people with your cooking skills.

  3. Black Grating in Microwave WindowThis is called a Faraday shield, and it’s not an aesthetic choice, it’s super important. The Faraday shield is in place to prevent electromagnetic fields from leaving the microwave and causing harm to people who are waiting for their hot pocket to heat up. Without it, not only would your safety be at risk, but your food wouldn’t cook effectively.

  4. Keyboard Bumps:  If you look at a computer keyboard, any keyboard, you’ll notice two little bumps on both the F and J keys. If you ever took a class in high school on how to type, you probably know why those bumps exist on those keys. For the rest of you, those bumps are there so users can find their way on the keyboard while keeping their eyes on the screen. If you are correctly typing with two hands, your hands will be set up so that your left pointer finger is on F and your right pointer finger is on J.

  5. The Hole in the Cap of a Ballpoint Pen:  This is done on purpose, not to dry out the ink faster so you will be forced to buy a new one, but for safety reasons. These holes are there so that air can flow through in the event the cap is swallowed accidentally by a child or adult.  Remember, a lot of adults have the bad habit of putting pen caps in their mouth and it only takes one big breath in, to bring the cap to the back of one’s throat.

  6. Detachable Headrests in Cars:  You may have noticed that your headrest can completely come out of the seat, and no, it is not a flaw in the design.  It is meant to be used in an emergency. If you’re trapped in your car, you can pull out the headrest and use the long metal bars to break the window so you can get out. Another potential life-saving tip!

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Hope you found this interesting and useful – I know I did when writing it! 

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