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4 Ways Hard Money Can Help You & Your Clients.

4 Ways Hard Money Can Help You Your Clients 1

For many decades “hard money”, also known as “private funding”, has been a lifesaver for many prospective buyers who would have otherwise been excluded from the real estate/mortgage market.

Rather than turning your client away, wishing them “good luck” and possibly losing them to another loan agent, you now can offer them a solution with the help of a more flexible lending program such as the ones we offer at Sun Pacific Mortgage.

Be assured that when you turn to us, you are partnering with a professional financial company that has been in business for 33 years in California and understands your need to control your own business.

Here are three reasons why you might want to take a closer look at utilizing this financial tool to benefit your California Home Buyers and Borrowers:

  1. Sun Pacific Mortgage provides unparalleled service to make certain your client gets a loan through one of our hundreds of private investors.
  2. With fast financing ability and less stringent qualifications, loans can be completed in as little as 48 hours with many funded within 1 week.
  3. If a licensed Broker you are compensated for your efforts and referral.
  4. As your client’s financial situation improves, you are there to offer your services to get them into a convention loan with a better rate.

Everyone wins! Your client gets their much-needed financial help and you keep your relationship with your client intact. It is our intent to make you shine for your client while offering a lending program to solve some of the more difficult mortgage problems you encounter when buying or refinancing anywhere in California.

We have established a mutually beneficial working relationship with hundreds of California realtors, lenders and brokers. Give us a call at 707-523-2099 or email us through our website to see how we might help you satisfy mortgage applications that you otherwise might turn away.

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