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Ari Walker

I love what I do.  First of all I get to help people in Sonoma County and then throughout all of California to become informed of our helpful private money financing and secondly, I get to work with family and in a field of creativity! I am a “people-person” for sure, love getting out and meeting others or just interacting at local events.

I was born in Manhattan, New York in January of 1978 and have a 3 yrs younger sister – though she’s about 3 inches taller!  I’m proud to say I’m a “New Yorker” despite moving to Clearwater, Florida when I was 6 years old.   I immediately fell in love with the beach and pools; I was an outdoors kid through and through, taking up running, swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer and any other sport I could get involved in at the schools and my neighborhood.

After marrying Ken (Lynn’s eldest son) in Clearwater, I visited his family who lived in Santa Rosa, CA.  I fell in love with the area, the great weather and how family-oriented everything was!  We decided to move when I became pregnant in late 2008.  My husband grew up here and his parents owned a Real Estate & Mortgage business in Sonoma County since 1988, so it couldn’t be a more perfect decision.

We both trained and become licensed Real Estate Agents.  I moved over to become the Marketing Director and my husband did flipping of houses for about 4 years and now has become one of our Private Money Loan Originators, working with his Dad, Forest.  I like to keep active, especially by keeping this full time job and having a 5 year old son and 2 1/2 year old daughter – the joys of my life for sure.

I am dedicated to delivering the best service from our family company whilst enjoying making new friends, business referrals and working with many great Realtors and Affiliates in Sonoma County.   And to this end I have been honored to participate in the Santa Rosa Chapter of Realtors Council, being acknowledged as their Affiliate of the Year in 2013.


Aaradona (Ari is my nickname)




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