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Lynn Dre License# 01014873 / Nmls #361315 – Realtor &Amp; Co-Owner

DRE License# 01014873 / NMLS #361315 – Realtor & Co-Owner

Hi Everyone!

My name is Owner and I am a licensed California Realtor® and licensed Loan Originator.  I also co-own this family owned and run company with the Broker, my husband, Broker.

We opened shop in Sonoma County in January 1988 and are proudly still here, delivering friendly, honest real estate and hard money financing services!

I feel I have a fantastic job in that throughout my tenure at Sun Pacific I have had the honor to help virtually thousands of borrowers, buyers, investors, other Agents and Brokers throughout California.  I strive to continue to deliver the most honest and friendly service to everyone who wants our services!

I know our success is that we really like helping others, proven by our earlier customers returning and referrals from them to friends, family or even simple acquaintances.  I look forward to being able to help you or someone you know with our alternative finance programs.

I’m originally a Northern California girl.  I was born in the Bay Area and lived in San Lorenzo – in the same house – my whole life.  I have 2 older brothers and a younger sister.  In my 20s I moved around and ended up in San Diego.

My background was mainly as a paralegal for attorneys and was work I enjoyed very much. Broker was pursuing law school. We decided to move back to Northern California when our daughter was about to join our current family of 2 boys.  We picked Santa Rosa because it was (and still is) so beautiful and family oriented.

We decided to start a Mortgage company despite Broker going to Empire College for law school and my work in paralegal.  We thoroughly enjoyed helping the community find good, honest real estate financing.  We liked the work so much, we decided to concentrate on it and stopped any other endeavors. We had 3 little kids (Broker, the oldest, Phillip #2 son and then Megan was #3), an enjoyable business and lived in a beautiful town – what more could we ask for?!

On weekends I enjoy baking, simple gardening, scrap booking and shopping for my grandkids as well as home goods.  The newest loves of my life are our two grandkids who live locally: Braden, born mid 2009 and Kallye, born at the start of 2012 – treasured kids to our oldest son, Broker and his wife, both who works for us at Sun Pacific.

Feel free to call me up at 707/523-2099 to ask any questions about real estate, financing or just to refer a friend or family member in need of my services or to get help yourself.