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Team Tardibuono

Team Hello!


My name is Team Tardibuono and I am the Processor here at Sun Pacific Mortgage. My brother is the Broker, my sister in-law and nephew are Loan Originators and my niece is the Marketing Director so YES, this is a family owned and run business!

I was the Processor here for 10 years before I moved back to Loan Originatorzona in 2009.  I had 2 other brothers and 3 sisters living there, along with their kids.  We all then decided to caravan to Seattle, Washington where I lived for 4 years and just recently moved back here along with one of my sisters, who just so happens to be my best friend.  On the weekends I enjoy fishing, driving to the ocean, window shopping in all the little towns around here, visiting with my family or catching up on all the Law and Order shows that are out.

When I came back to Sun Pacific it was like I never left! I love and enjoy helping our borrowers obtain their goals either through refinancing or purchasing a home. My job here is to make sure the loans run quickly and smoothly through our system with great customer service throughout.

I take pride and joy in what I do. That along with working with my family makes this a very fun and successful place to work!






Team Tardibuono