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Flipping properties in North Bay….when done smartly it’s good for everyone.

Jun 07, 2013

Flipping properties in North Bay….when done smartly it’s good for everyone.


Having done many loans in the past and currently for flippers, I am with Rick Laws and Patrick Barber on what they say (see below Pacific Union Bay Area Real Estate Blog of June 6 2013 “San Francisco, Santa Rosa Metro Areas Ranked Among Top 25 Spots for Home Flipping”).  The price ranges for flippers has increased and the luster being added back into neighborhoods is really good, I say.

houses and their reflection

Blog with full article:


My wife, Lynn, as the “Flipper Chick” Realtor she is really familiar with the flip market right now.  She definitely is working extra hard to find the best properties for her client so he can fix them up well enough to pull in some profit.  Santa Rosa’s values are moving up so fast that it’s a constant gamble.


I always enjoy hearing what neighbors say about the run-down houses that get fixed up.  They only increase the value of their own house!  Below was a recent neighbor who emailed Lynn about her client’s/flipper’s good work:


“What a beautiful flip on Monte Verde.  I live a few doors down and it has been fun to see this property transformed in a short period of time.   What a GREAT job.  Please tell the owner the neighborhood appreciates the change. Enjoy this beautiful day.” Dorothy


If you have hard workers who take an honest passion in their job of fixing up a house, it will be good quality and they deserve any profit they make! Which is their living’s work.


Best, Forest



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